having problems.

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having problems.

Postby kennydowdey » Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:12 am

I keep trying to refill my service but Im getting a Verizon recording, what do i do???? I can't call the refill number, or anything and Im totally stuck with no phone, and a 45$ refill card i apparently can't use??? Straight talk customer service please help!
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Re: having problems.

Postby Anne_ST » Tue Jul 09, 2013 7:57 am

Hi kennydowdey. My name is Straight Talk Anne. I’m going to try to help you now.
We need to take this issue offline so I can address it further. I’ll contact you directly through a private message. Thanks.
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Re: having problems.

Postby joshkth » Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:07 pm

Did you find a solution to this? I had hoped to purchase 5 or 6 cards at a time and just update when needed. Was it easy when you figured it out?
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