CMAS - Disable, especially amber alerts!

CMAS - Disable, especially amber alerts!

Postby rec9140 » Thu Apr 04, 2013 11:09 pm

Looking for the screens in the ST S720C Proclaim to disable CMAS/WEA Wireless Emergency Announcements/COMMERCIAL MOBILE TELEPHONE ALERTS (CMAS) especially the uber annoying amber alerts.

Other VZW phones have screens to disable these in messaging under settings.

I am aware that I have to put up with the alerts from the president :roll: , even if I don't want them, but amber alerts are disable-able, and I want them disabled. :evil: :twisted:

The only alerts I want are those I decide, and they are definitely not related to some carpet muncher. [YES, correct to guess I don't have nor want or like rugrats! :evil: ] I have applications for the NOAA WX alerts I want, and amber alerts are not them!

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