ATT Galaxy S3 questions - ST rep ?

ATT Galaxy S3 questions - ST rep ?

Postby alus415 » Sun Jul 22, 2012 4:43 am


I'm interested in straight talk and plan to use my ATT Galaxy S3 but I do have few questions hoping that either a ST rep or someone that has the S3 on ST can answer for me before I decide to switch:

1. Will the Galaxy S3 will use 3g or HSPA+ (3.5g/4g) using ATT sim card ?
2. I hear that iphones can't send MMS , do the android phones have that problem? especially the S3?
3. It says unlimited data , is it really unlimited or capped?
4. Anyone has ST in the Bay Area , especially San Francisco/Daly City, how are the connection speeds?

Thanks for any answer especially the first 3 , that will help me a lot on deciding on ST or not. =)
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Re: ATT Galaxy S3 questions - ST rep ?

Postby ST - Larry » Tue May 07, 2013 3:33 pm

Hi alus415. My name is Straight Talk Larry. I will be answering your questions:
1. 3G and 4G services are available if the carrier in the area has the capability and the phone has the capability as well. Not all areas support 3G or 4G but if you move from area to area, you can expect the type of service to change based on what is available in the area.
2. The APN settings must be updated in order for the MMS feature to work. Please note that updating your APN settings does not guarantee MMS (Multimedia/Picture Messaging) will work. MMS is dependent upon your phone model's limitations.
3. Though we offer unlimited browsing, but not for audio/video streaming or using your phone as a modem for your Laptops or Personal Computers. This kind of usage will have a great impact on the carrier’s network and service level and may result into system issues. Use the phone’s WiFi connection should you need to use it for video/audio streaming or any activity that will require large amount of data.
3. Please refer to this link to view the service area map; Data connection speed can also be affected by network congestion. Thanks!
ST - Larry
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Re: ATT Galaxy S3 questions - ST rep ?

Postby Straight_Bob » Sat Jun 01, 2013 1:06 pm

Ok so I need to post a few comments in order to check private messages.. stupid, but stupid is as stupid does.. so here is towards that goal.
New Samsung Galaxy S-3
But when I turn Wi-Fi off I get no Data... Wtf?!
And they don't sell AT&T Sim cards?!
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