Setting up iphone 3g - everything works

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Setting up iphone 3g - everything works

Postby clockwiseinc » Sun May 13, 2012 1:20 am

Thank you jeff3211 for this GREAT post. I have used this on 4 iphones and they all work great on Straight Talk.

You do NOT have to jailbreak your ATT compatible phone to use the following method. (But, I have only used this on an ATT compatible phone)

I searched everywhere for the settings for my iphone 3gs. I was able to use my phone with an activated SIM before I performed these configuration
changes, but with limited functionality. After configuration changes, my phone has been welcomed to the straight talk network via a free txt message.
My imessage has worked properly and I have been able to access the web without wifi connections which means my connection to data and txt has been

There is no reference to APN settings anywhere. If you have an ATT compatible iphone 3gs here is what you must do to adjust your APN settings...
Download the iphone configuration tool and load it onto your computer. You may search the apple site for it to be assured that you are getting a clean
file and no viruses, or you may copy and paste this links... ... ySetup.exe
Once you set up the program, create a new configuration file for your iphone. This is the ONLY way you can specify a new carrier for your phone. You can configure
every module in your phone with this tool, but in order to use straight talk scroll to the very bottom of the list of items and you'll find APN settings.
You do NOT have to configure ANYTHING ELSE to use straight talk except the APN settings and then you will find that there are some items from your
activation card that do not appear in the list of items you can change. DO NOT WORRY about those, leave all fields that are NOT called for BLANK! You will
not be entering any info for mms settings. I do not know about mms functionality in any other areas, but in the Texas panhandle I have had no issues with
it since we are in an area that uses the ATT carrier exclusively even on straight talk. You will enter the proxy information including the port number. It is in
a small two character box behind the proxy address, do NOT forget to enter it. (I believe it is 80, but that might just be in my area, it may be different for your local
network, just follow the information on your activation card)
You may leave all preceding configuration modules unloaded and just load the configuration that changes your APN settings, you will have to name the configuration
to save it, once it is saved you will connect your phone and load it to the phone. It will then show up in your settings >general > profile > (whatever you named it)
You will then reboot your iphone for the new configuration to take effect. You will not be able to remove the original because you will not be able to access it, it will
remain on your phone and you may revert to it by removing the new profile you created.
REMEMBER there are fields that you will leave blank, and there will be information on your activation card you will NOT enter! ie: you will leave the username field blank
for the carrier's username, and also the password will be left blank, and you will have no field to enter your mms data from your card. These were not necessary for my
iphone, and probably won't be necessary for yours. iphones interact with apple's servers as well as your carrier's network. This may explain why these settings aren't necessary.
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